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ANDAGIFT // INSPIRE was founded 11th of January 2018 by us, Lára & Tinna. Originally we started to co-create through music when Lára was working for KÍTON & Tinna playing with the all female rap band RVKDTR but our background is music, acting & performance. At this time we were both fronting big feminist movements in Iceland & we were working hard. At the same time we both had the experience of working ourselves into burn-out so we felt a deep need to create a platform where we could offer people a safe space to slow down, fill their own tank & pracise self love & gentleness.

We held our first Kirtan together in 2017 which was a big success & from there our company was born ANDAGIFT // INSPIRE. We started with a small seed, we grew fast & now our community is our family & we are blooming. Today MÖNTRUKVÖLD (our kirtan) is our most popular event.

We are so grateful for all the support & the love we have been given throughout the years & we can’t wait to create more juiciness into this world. Our passion is to bring inspiration & wellness into the society through ceremonies, music & meditation. Our mission is to create, relax & spread love & inspiration into this world!

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Lára Rúnars is an Icelandic musician, entrepreneur and a healer. She is the owner of ANDAGIFT // INSPIRE, a platform of creativity, community & holistic healing.  Lára is a yoga teacher, sound healer and craniosacral therapist. She has a masters degree in gender studies and is one of the founders of The Association for Women in Music in Iceland. Lára has released six albums and recently won the Icelandic music prize for song of the year. Lára is also a member of the band SILVRA. SILVRA’s music is currently played in The Blue Lagoon Retreat Spa. She has held dozens of courses for self-love, healthy body image, empowerment and expression through voice and movement.


Tinna Sverris is an Icelandic actress, musician, entrepreneur & a wild witch. She is the founder & owner of ANDAGIFT // INSPIRE, a platform of creativity, community & holistic healing. She specialises in acting, voice activation, shamanic healing, cacao ceremonies, sound healing & women's empowerment. Tinna offers a colorful range of inspiration through the form of art & healing; retreats, workshops, private sessions, events, music & performance. Tinna is also the founder of G.O.L.D. mentorship program where she guides women on a shamanic journey towards more self worth. G.O.L.D. stands for Give.Observe.Live.Deserve. and is a platform where women GIVE themselves time & space to get to feel & heal, OBSERVE their feelings, talents & dreams, LIVE their life to the fullest by going after what they DESERVE! Tinna specialises in working with children, teenagers & women in empowerement work towards deeper sense fo self worth. Tinna offers private sessions in shamanic healing both in person & online.

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