:: WHAT IS  G.O.L.D. ? ::

G.O.L.D. is an 8 week transformational shamanic journey towards self worth.
It focuses on holistic healing through mind, emotion, body & soul.

This is the perfect program for women who are ready to:

  • Put themselves in first place
  • Say goodbye to self doubt & co-dependency
  • Receive a great amount of self worth & abundance in their life

Tinna Sverris the founder of G.O.L.D. brings ancient techniques, practices & rituals into modern day life in a simple yet powerful way. She weaves together the form of art & healing through her work, wisdom & inspiration.

She has designed “THE COMPASS TO SELF” to make the journey accessible, simple & effective.

“The compass to self” is based on the N-American medicine wheel & takes you through four different stages where you’ll learn the art of:

  • GIVING // yourself time & space to feel
  • OBSERVING // whatever comes up with compassion
  • LIVING // from your heart
  • DESERVING // all the best by discovering your true worth
photo of tinna sverrisdottir

Tinna focuses on simplicity, playfulness & creativity in all her work. Her shamanic name is “Laughing heart” & she believes that laughter is the fastest way to ones soul & in order to do the deep work we have to be able to not take ourselves too seriously “.

In G.O.L.D. the mission is to move beyond dualism to embrace both the shadow & the light within ourselves. That way we honour our dynamic way of being & feeling & from there we expand, grow & get to now ourselves in a richer way.

If you are seeking more simplicity, gentleness, passion & a deeper sense of self worth in your life, G.O.L.D. might be the perfect journey for you.

“My hope is that by the end of our amazing journey, you will be feeling more clarity, freedom & a deeper sense of joy & fulfillment in your everyday life. That you may feel a strong connection to your desires, boundaries, dreams & visions & have gained a whole bunch of self love & self worth. My wish is to see you shine your brightest.”

“To feel it is to heal it  - Be inspired by your own G.O.L.D.”

- Tinna Sverris

: S K E L E T O N ::

WEEK 1 & 2
GIVE yourself time & space to feel

WEEK 3 & 4
OBSERVE whatever comes up with compassion

WEEK 5 & 6
LIVE from your heart

WEEK 7 & 8
DESERVE all the best by discovering your true worth


1:1 personal introduction session with Tinna
// 30 min via zoom
Here we get a chance to get to know each other, create a platform of trust, vulnerability & connection. Your journey starts here with a clear intention. Welcome to the G.O.L.D. sisterhood!

Weekly inspiration, guidance, studies & rituals
in our closed G.O.L.D. mentorship page.
Each week will include videos with following

THEME OF THE WEEK - food for the mind.

Tinna shares practical information about the theme of the week. Introduction into shamanic theories, yoga studies, ancient techniques, philosophy & all the juicy things related to the theme of the week.

PERSONAL SHARE - food for the heart.

Tinna shares from a deeper personal level her story, her way of working with the theme of the week, her vulnerability, breakdowns, lessons, transformation & growth.

PERSONAL STUDY - food for the body.

Tinna shares useful & accessible practices to help embody the theme of the week. Guided meditations, breathwork, body work, activation practices, healing through creativity, deep relaxation & sound healing.

INSPIRATION - food for the soul.

Tinna shares rituals, tools, assignments & questions to take with you into the week to integrate the theme of the week. This is a self practice to do in your own time & space & we call it the “The gold of the week”.

A weekly group G.O.L.D circle with Tinna & the G.O.L.D sisterhood // 90 min via zoom.
Each week we focus on the theme of the week. The ceremony includes a shamanic ritual, guided meditation & teachings from Tinna, personal inspiration & sharing circle.
This is a unique way for us to get to know each other, nurture our community & deepen our journey towards more self worth by sharing it with others.

25 % discount on private sessions with Tinna
// 75 min via zoom.
In my private sessions I work very personally so each & every session is unique & different depending on what you need. I offer healing through conversation & reflection, energetic clearing on the body, chakra work, voice activation, shamanic drum journeys, different shamanic rituals, sound healing & deep relaxation.

Closing ceremony in the end of the mentorship program
// 120 min via zoom
In this ceremony you will receive an intense powerful shamanic ritual to fully embody the transformation & rebirth that the journey have brought to you. This ceremony is Tinna’s personal favorite & has completely transformed her own life. Here we celebrate everything we have been gifted throughout our journey in the G.O.L.D. mentorship program.

Monthly open G.O.L.D. circle.
In this ceremony everyone who is a part of the G.O.L.D. mentorship community is welcome to join. So after you finish your mentorship program you can still attend this monthly G.O.L.D. circle with the whole community. The journey is just about to begin…

::  W H E N   //  W H E R E   //   H O W ?  ::

WHEN: G.O.L.D. starts 1st of September & ends 27th of October 2021.

8 weeks full of inspiration, guidance, wisdom, assignments & empowerment.

Do you want to get to know yourself better? Your needs, your boundaries, your dreams?

Do you feel called to step into your power?

Do you want to give yourself the gift of investing in your self worth?

FULL PRICE: 1600 usd // 190.000 kr
EARLY BIRD PRICE: 1350 usd // 165.000 kr ( If full amount paid before 18th of July)
CONFIRMATION PRICE: 333 usd // 39.000 kr isk (non-refundable)
The conformation price is paid when you sign up so to secure your spot.


Looking forward to journey with you sister!

Love & more love,


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